Shift Your Ecommerce Business for the Trends of 2014

Posted April 18 2014
Online spending is continuing to rapidly grow. Ecommerce has shaped the course of retail sales over the past decade.

Online spending is continuing to rapidly grow. Ecommerce has shaped the course of retail sales over the past decade. It is even beginning to dominate over traditional, in-person sales. Items that are commonly purchased online include clothing, shoes, cars, and electronics.

The internet landscape evolves more quickly than a typical retail store.

Ecommerce businesses that wish to be competitive must keep up with the constantly changing trends to sell their products successfully online. They must consider what their competitors are doing to stand out among the millions of online businesses.

In 2014, these are a few trends that will help your ecommerce business:

  • Ecommerce must be mobile friendly. Around the world, more and more consumers are starting to use their mobile devices to make product purchases. This holds true whether your shoppers are from rich countries or poor countries. The world has better access to smart phones, tablets, and trendy new mobile devices that they can take everywhere. If your website is not yet optimised for mobile, it's likely that your sales will plummet.
  • Personalise the branding experience. Shoppers in 2014 are no longer satisfied with meagre updates about your sales and latest products. They want to be entertained, and your brand identity can create the experience they are seeking. Many ecommerce brands are spending their time and energy on witty content creation, social media outreach, and developing a personalised brand experience. Shoppers want to buy from a company they can interact with on a more intimate level.
  • Localisation. These days, global shipping and logistics are a breeze. Gone are the days when ecommerce companies had to focus their energies solely on their home market. More and more ecommerce brands are servicing consumers across the globe. If you want to be part of this trend, the first step is localising your website, social media, payment options, and marketing for your target markets.
  • Faster shipping options. Amazon Prime and a few other big names have been changing the ecommerce landscape through faster shipping. They offer next-day and even same-day delivery on purchased goods. Customers in 2014 aren't willing to wait as long for their products, especially when they know other ecommerce sites can deliver quickly. Many customers are even willing to pay more for these expedited shipping services.
  • Quality over quantity through guided discovery. The trend of minimalism has been sweeping across niche markets for many years. In 2014, we are starting to see more ecommerce customers affected by this trend. Online shoppers have less time than ever to spend searching for products and product reviews. They're more willing to make purchases when there are less choices but more targeted suggestions available to them. Customers expect a shopping experience of "guided discovery", where an ecommerce store will analyse their recent purchases and help them sort through the endless supply on the web.

With these trends in mind, your ecommerce business can plan accordingly for the future. If your business is having difficulty incorporating these trends, it may be time for an expert opinion. Whether you have yet to create an online store or want to increase visibility, we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation.