One of the world's most trusted brands

Posted September 15 2013
Why do millions of people from all over the world trust Google so much?

So how much do we trust Google?

Everybody knows Google, even most of the least tech-savvy people in the world both knows how to google and has a gmail account. More than that, millions of people all over the world have got their own Google account. In other words, Google has access to;

  • Your personal details
  • Your address book
  • Private messages between you and your friends
  • Every single webpage that you have viewed
  • Your bank details

A few months ago the documentary Terms and Conditions may apply was released;

It's amazing, how do millions of people sign up to Google so easily without reading the Terms and Conditions, why do we trust Google brand so much?

The Google logo

Let's start off by taking a close look at the logo, which follows all the traits of a successful one;

It’s simple, clean and unique

Google logo

Enough said.

It’s recognisable, versatile and timeless
Google logos

Regardless of so many variations, “Google” is still recognised.

Consistency and simplicity delivers a positive experience

Whether you are doing a search, checking your emails or browsing through the shop, any one will tell you that the design throughout Google's applications is unbelievably simple. No matter where you are, you know exactly where you are, where to go, how to find it and you feel that you have complete control of your browsing experience.

Google search

Google Apps

The style is elegant, aesthetic, intuitive and consistent!

What also contributed to the positive experience was all the work done behind all of the scenes, this is the code that generates all of this. To Deliver optimum speed (or more, instant!)


All in the one place

After realizing what a positive experience the Google search engine gives us, we all became to trust the Google brand. Then after postive experience from gmail we started to trust the brand even more. It’s just like when you go to a store. You go to the store to buy a computer, but once you’re in the store experiencing great customer serivce and help from the store owner you then start to look around and get interested in all the other products in the store, and then eventually you guy more products than what you’ve intended to buy. A positive user experience leads to trust in the brand, which then leads to more sales.


Of course, there are other factors that have contributed to the success of Google Brand tut nevertheless the key reasons that contribute the ongoing success of Google definitely includes Digital Strategy, Design and Development.