Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Strategy

Posted February 05 2014
Every company should have a digital strategy in place behind their marketing campaigns. In this day and age, it is no longer enough to target customers in a single location.

Every company should have a digital strategy in place behind their marketing campaigns. In this day and age, it is no longer enough to target customers in a single location.

Physical stores are on the decline as customers choose to find and purchase products online. What this means for your business is that customers are using the web to connect with your brand. However, they don't do this in a single online location.

Customers visit your website, your social media pages, your search engine ads, and your listings on related business websites. Customers will try to glean all the information they can about your business from these different channels.

In 2014, customers are looking for businesses that fit exactly with their ethics, morals, and vision. They care about brand personality almost as much as they care about finding the right product or service. Your digital strategy is the energy behind all of these different channels of marketing.

With a solid digital strategy in place, you and your business will be able to satisfy customers across the web.

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Strategy Company

Even for experienced marketers, it can be overwhelming to market across all the possible customer touch points online. Digital strategy requires market research to fully understand your businessís competitive edge. It requires knowledge of social media and which channels to use (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flikr, etc.) to engage your target audience.

Today's digital strategy also requires a solid knowledge of analytics and tracking to optimise your digital marketing. Further, digital strategy involves creating an easy-to-use website with the correct branding and content. It can also involve paid advertising such as pay-per-click campaigns and search engine marketing.

A digital strategy company can help you and your marketing team harness this knowledge to improve your business productivity. Specialists in each of these areas can work together to optimise your strategy across all possible channels.

How to Select a Digital Marketing Company

Who do you want to handle your digital strategy? As digital marketers must work with an array of marketing tools and metrics to optimise your online presence, it makes sense to hire a team that is experienced in running digital strategy campaigns across multiple channels.

Ideally, the digital marketing company should have the following capabilities:

  • Experience designing, building, and operating quality user experiences
  • Social media and direct email marketing
  • Website design and graphics, with proper branding
  • Analytics for social media and websites
  • Search engine marketing/search engine optimisation
  • Experience running online advertising campaigns
  • Market research for your industry
  • Ecommerce functionality, including payment systems
  • Optimisation for mobile and tablets

A digital marketing company that has experience in these areas will be able to orchestrate a powerful strategy for your business. They will coordinate your strategy across all channels to help you target the visitors in your niche and drive up your website traffic.

By hiring an experienced team of digital strategists, you can take full advantage of the web's power and increase your marketing potential exponentially. Contact us today to schedule a marketing consultation with our agency.